About us

We sail Flying Scots (a 19 ft. centerboard boat that is virtually indestructible, pretty darn stable and a lot of fun) out of Selby Bay (where the South River connects to the Chesapeake Bay). We're very close to Thomas Point Light, just south of Annapolis.

All of our boats are dry-sailed from Selby Bay Sailing Center (SBSC) which has electric golf carts for moving the boats around and two electric hoists for rapidly getting in and out of the water. There are about fifty boats there and our fleet owns around 30 of them.

Our primary activity is racing. From April through August, we have races every Wednesday night, starting at 6 pm. We also run a Sunday Series from April to October with races starting at 3:00. We host at least one regatta each year at Selby Bay, usually in June. Check out the Calendar for current event information.


Contact me if you need more information, or have questions.


Our events are open to anyone. If you don't have a Scot, you can ask Dave Neff at SBSC about chartering one, or you can contact me about crewing for someone. If you join our super-fun club (for a measly $35/year), you get e-mail notications about events, as well as access to our beer/wine supply and grill. Membership application/renewal can be found here.

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